The Power Of Variable Energy: How Your Throat Center Communicates For Manifestation With Miranda Mitchell

Jun 11, 2023
Ep 58 - The Power Of Variable Energy: How Your Throat Center Communicates For Manifestation With Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity podcast, the focus is on the Throat Center and how it impacts our ability to manifest our ideas, emotions, thoughts, and physical actions into the world. Miranda explains that body language is essential for connecting with others, but expressing ourselves through the throat is crucial for successful manifestation. Listeners will discover how their gate color can influence their communication style, and the speaker offers a coupon code for those interested in scheduling a reading to explore their chart in-depth. The speaker also shares tips on how to improve our self-expression and avoid feeling unheard or undervalued. Additionally, listeners will learn about the different gates in the throat and how they impact communication,  Tune in to this episode to gain a better understanding of the Throat Center and how to use it effectively for self-expression.


how Notes:

[00:02:01] The Throat Center is where ideas and emotions manifest into the physical world, but conditioning and beliefs can affect how they are expressed.
[00:03:15] The importance of expressing oneself authentically and overcoming conditioned responses in communication.
[00:08:39] Speak up and make eye contact to ensure you are heard, as variable energy can cause people to believe no one values their words.
[00:16:57] Description of the different communication gates 
[00:18:18] Learn about your human design by analyzing defined gates and understand their influence on communication and experiences. Develop self-awareness to recognize personal characteristics and tendencies.
[00:24:11] Get $75 off an introductory reading by using the coupon code "provoking" when scheduling. The reading includes a chart analysis, answering questions, and exploring voice and self-expression through gene keys and astrology.


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