Grounding Through Creative Expression,Dance an Embodiment With Sarah Menlove

Jun 15, 2023
Ep 61 -Grounding Through Creative Expression,Dance an Embodiment With Sarah Menlove

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity podcast, the guest Sarah Menlove is back to discuss how personality types relate to the "profile line." She explains the importance of being in touch with creativity and giving energy to beliefs and conceptualization when the timing is right. Sarah also talks about the phases of the 6-2 profile, a tutorial about the energy of the Ajna, and the significance of grounding into the 43 and 29 energies. The episode concludes with Sarah sharing her own experiences with unpredictable situations, how she processes them, and how they help her feel grounded.

About Sarah

Sarah is a Sacred Space Holder & Embodiment Mentor. She is passionate about creating spaces for people to break out of the boxes and be all of themselves, to reclaim their power and own their authentic expression. She is a certified transformational coach, embodied ecstatic dance, somatic breathwork and cacao facilitator. Combining these incredible modalities & sacred medicine, she weaves experiences for people to bridge the Spiritual and the Physical, to move energy, open up to intuitive guidance and come home to the truth of their hearts, so they can live into their fullness, as whole, worthy and free. 

Show Notes:

[00:02:55] "Emotional projector: 6-2, phases in life"
[00:06:01] Home is tranquil, but needs energy boosts.
[00:08:23] Loving alone time, spleen totally open.
[00:12:49] Openness amplifies others' energy; defined energies talk.
[00:14:46] Connection to throat. Ajna, beliefs, authenticity, creativity.
[00:20:18] Grounding through creative expression and process exploration.
[00:22:42] Finding grounding in the unknown through dance.
[00:25:25] Community and communication are key aspects.

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