Finding Grace With Deconditioning : A Personal Story With Host Miranda Mitchell

Apr 10, 2023
Ep 32 - Finding Grace With Deconditioning : A Personal Story With Host Miranda Mitchell

The Provoking Prosperity Podcast episode discussed the concept of deconditioning and how it relates to personal and business growth. The host, Miranda Mitchell, shared personal stories and insights on the topic, emphasizing that conditioning shapes us into who we think we are and how we should be in the world. With the awareness of human design, we can begin the process of deconditioning and uncovering our true selves. Miranda also shared her experience in Egypt, where she faced abandonment fears that she has had since she was a child and how she  and used the time to tune in and heal deep parts of her that have been hidden. 


Show Notes:

**Deconditioning and Conditioning [00:00:59]**
Explanation of conditioning and deconditioning, how it shapes us, and how human design and gene keys can help us recognize who we are.

**The Evolution of Deconditioning [00:02:15]**
Personal experience of the evolution of deconditioning through yoga, human design, gene keys, and stillness.

**The Ever-Evolving Process of Deconditioning [00:03:26]**
Deconditioning is an ongoing process of unraveling and de-layering, with no destination. It is about embracing who we are in every moment.

**Being vs. Doing [00:04:24]**
Humanity is about being, not doing. Once we focus on being the energy that we are meant to be in every moment, with no expectation or outcome we release a lot of the struggle.

**Personal Story of Deconditioning [00:06:26]**
Personal story of choosing to follow intuition and deconditioning the mind's desire for connection, leading to a realization of the importance of listening to gut instincts.

**Personal Story of Dealing with Fear and Isolation [00:08:11]**
Personal story of being in Egypt with COVID-19, dealing with fear, abandonment, and isolation, and how years of deconditioning helped in coping with the situation.

**Dealing with physical pain [00:11:08]**
Miranda shares her experience with sciatica and how it affected her trip to Egypt.

**Consistent practice [00:16:16]**
Emphasizes the importance of consistent deconditioning practice without expectation.


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