From Surface To Soul: Embracing Depth In Self Expression And Building An Authentic Brand Identity With Miranda Mitchell

Aug 21, 2023
Ep 89 - From Surface To Soul: Embracing Depth In Self Expression And Building An Authentic Brand Identity With Miranda Mitchell

Welcome back to another episode of the Provoking Prosperity Podcast with your host, Miranda Mitchell. In today's episode, Miranda opens up about her recent journey of self-discovery and the important lessons she has learned along the way. Taking a break from her business and social connections, Miranda has found the space to reconnect with herself and dive deeper into her own inner knowing. She shares her insights on the importance of alone time, the pitfalls of external distractions, and the beauty of embracing our shadows. Join us as Miranda brings her signature provocation with love and compassion, and invites you to explore the depths of your own expression. 

Five key points of this episode.

- Importance of taking breaks and disconnecting from the business and socials to connect with oneself and regain inner wisdom and creativity.
- The exploration of personal traits and characteristics that may affect self-expression and the understanding of one's chart and astrology as tangible evidence of intuitive knowing.
-  Embracing depth and going beyond surface-level interactions and experiences, with a focus on inner awareness and personal growth.
-  Addressing the societal pressure to constantly seek external validation or shiny objects, and the need for focused support that aligns with individual goals and values.
-  The journey of self-discovery and overcoming fears or judgments to fully embrace and express all parts of oneself, building an authentic brand identity.


Miranda talks about one of her mentors Michelle Saya and he Embody You Live and Evergreen visual branding program that is now open to join. If you are want to become clear on your visual branding through astrology we truly recommend Michelle.


Episode Reflection Questions: 

1. How does taking a break from your business and social media impact your creativity and overall fulfillment?
2. How can aligning with your individual design and chart help you find clarity and wisdom in your life choices?
3. What do you think about the idea of going deeper into your own personal shadows and layers of self-discovery? Do you believe it is necessary for personal and business growth?
4. How do external distractions and societal conditioning contribute to the "shiny object syndrome" and the constant search for external solutions and support?
5. How can having a focus and concentration channel in your chart help you stay grounded and centered in your own energy?
6. What are your opinions on the idea of provocation as a way to promote personal growth, with love and compassion?
7. How do you navigate the balance between expressing all parts of yourself and fears of judgment or rejection from others?
8. Have you experienced moments in your life where you felt pressured to conform to societal norms but chose to express your individuality instead? How did that impact your sense of self?
9. How important do you think it is to listen to your inner knowing and intuition when it comes to making life and business decisions?
10. How can we create a supportive and non-judgmental environment for others to express their authentic selves?


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