Finding Inner Peace Within The Human Design Type and Strategies

Feb 28, 2023
Ep. 14 - Finding Inner Peace Within The Human DesignType and Strategies

In this episode I go into the basics about the Types and Strategies.

Connecting to your Type, Strategy and Authority is the #1 way that you can connect with inner peace. Once you start experimenting with your Strategy and Authority your decisions are aligned and feel effortless. You start trusting yourself in making the decisions that truly light you up rather than making them from a place of "should" (which is scarcity).


There is no shame with being in the scarcity mindset (for now) because you are here, listening and opening your mind to something that may be different than you once believed.


If you don't know your type - go to my website and click on the button that say "get your chart". I run it personally for accuracy and send it your way with an Intro video on your Type and Strategy o that you start implementing it.

Life Is Beautiful.


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