Feeling Frustrated and Unfulfilled? It Might Be Your Shadows

Feb 06, 2024
Ep 127 - Feeling Frustrated and Unfulfilled? It Might Be Your Shadows

In this episode Miranda dives into the importance of acknowledging and embracing the shadows within ourselves. Exploring the idea that the shadows are essential for stepping into our authentic selves, Miranda shares her personal experiences and insights, emphasizing the value of confronting and learning from our shadow frequencies. From the roots of physical symptoms to the transformative power of releasing suppressed emotions, Miranda invites listeners to engage with their own shadows and consider the impact this exploration can have on their personal and professional lives. Whether you're curious about human design, gene keys, or embodiment work, this insightful episode offers a fresh perspective on the journey towards self-discovery. Join us as we uncover the beauty and wisdom within our shadows in this thought-provoking episode.

Show Notes:

 Importance of Shadows
- Shadows as a key element to stepping into creativity and authentic self
- Embracing the shadows as an opportunity for self-awareness and growth
- Shadows as a part of human design, astrology, and energy makeup
- Understanding and working through shadow frequencies rather than pushing them away
- The role of suppressed emotions, such as anger, and the importance of addressing and releasing them
- Learning to heal and move through the shadows instead of suppressing or ignoring them

Personal Stories and Insights on Shadows
- Miranda's personal journey with shadow work and the discovery of new aspects of her shadows
- The impact of addressing and releasing suppressed emotions, such as anger, on her life
- Introducing the idea of "dancing with shadows and stillness" and its relation to the human design gates, gene keys, and e ching
- Inviting listeners to explore their own relationship with shadows and reach out for more information or guidance

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