Embracing Your Authenticity: The Impact of the Deaf Gates in Human Design on Self-Expression

Feb 15, 2024
Ep 130 - Embracing Your Authenticity: The Impact of the Deaf Gates in Human Design on Self-Expression

In this episode, host Miranda Mitchell dives into the intriguing topic of the "Deaf gates" in human design and how they can impact our lives. Miranda discusses her personal journey with these gates and shares insights on Gate 39, Provocation, Gate 38, The Fghter, Gate 43, Insight, and Gate 22. Her captivating exploration offers a deeper understanding of self-awareness, intuition, and the power of knowing oneself.

Show Notes: 

Understanding Deaf Gates in Human Design
- Exploring the concept of "deaf gates" in human design
- Identifying the three deaf gates and their energies: 39 (provocation), 38 (the fighter), and 43 (insight)
- Discussion of another gate, 22, as a non-deaf gate
- The significance of understanding and acknowledging the energies of these gates in one's chart
Personal Experience with Deaf Gates
- Personal anecdotes of the host's experiences with the deaf gates in her own human design chart
- Reflection on the impacts of the deaf gates on her life, reactions from others, and internal alignment
- Insights into how the deaf gates have influenced her responses, decision-making, and self-understanding
Gate 39 - Provocation
- Exploring the energy of gate 39 as provocation and its impact on interactions with others
- Understanding the reluctance to be influenced by others and the struggle with resonating with individuals on different energetic frequencies
- Embracing provocation as a means of growth and recognizing when energies are not aligned
Gate 38 - The Fighter
- Diving into the nature of gate 38 as the energy of a natural-born warrior and perseverance against the odds
- Embracing the stubbornness and internal awareness of the gate to protect one's sense of purpose
Gate 43 - Insight
- Exploring the creative expression and energy of the gate of insight
- Understanding the need to block out external knowing until one knows oneself intuitively
- Embracing the process of self-knowing through strategy and authority, rather than feeling pressured to listen to others
Self-Discovery and Growth
- Emphasizing the importance of personal introspection to recognize and understand one's unique energies and responses
- Nurturing the process of releasing conditioning, expectations, and societal norms to reconnect with one's true self
- Acknowledging and embracing both shadows and gifts as essential aspects of personal growth and learning
Vision Board Experience
- Promotion of the host's 2024 vision board experience workshop
- Description of the workshop's focus on the energies of the nine-star key, human design strategy, authority, and manifestation arrows
- Emphasizing the workshop's approach of feeling and releasing, rather than planning, and its potential impact on personal growth and manifestation

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