Deconditioning: Moving Beyond Theory to Embrace Your Strategy and Authority in Human Design

Sep 21, 2023
Ep 101 - Deconditioning: Moving Beyond Theory to Embrace Your Strategy and Authority in Human Design

 Today, I have a special episode planned for you. We're going to dive into a topic that is often overlooked but holds tremendous power when it comes to aligning our lives with our truest selves. I'm talking about deconditioning. You see, many of us become consumed with learning more about our Human Design chart, absorbing all the intricate details, and analyzing every aspect. But here's the thing – knowing our chart inside and out is just the first step. What truly matters is how we implement that knowledge into our daily lives.

In this episode, we'll delve into understanding and implementing our body graph chart, specifically focusing on strategies and authorities. But it's not just about knowing the strategies and authorities; it's about embracing them and allowing them to guide our decisions. We'll explore how to slow down, make choices based on strategy and authority, and offer ourselves patience and compassion when we stumble along the way. Remember, this journey is one of continuous growth, and mistakes are bound to happen. But as we decondition ourselves from societal expectations and tap into the wisdom of our Human Design, we move closer to our unique path of prosperity.

 Key Topics of This Episode:

- Importance of putting strategies and authorities into practice rather than simply learning about them

- Explanation of different types and their specific strategies (e.g., response for manifesting generators and generators, waiting for an invitation for projectors)

- Emphasis on slowing down, making decisions based on strategy and authority, and being compassionate with oneself when mistakes are made

- Personal dream experience highlighting judgments from others

- Importance of trusting the physical responses and the unfolding of life for generators- Role of projectors in guiding and seeing the potential in others- Encouragement to be open to the flow of life and trust in the guidance of one's authority

Reflection Questions:

How can we navigate our energetic makeup to unlock the hidden potential of the body graph?

2. What wisdom is encoded in your personal body graph and how does it lead to self-realization?

3. How can we harness the energies within our centers, channels, and gates to master the dance of Human Design


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