Conscious Choices vs Unconscious Reactions: Reactions Understanding The G-Center in Human Design with Miranda Mitchell

Jun 22, 2023
Ep 64 - Conscious Choices vs Unconscious Reactions: Reactions Understanding The G-Center in Human Design with Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast, we dive into the topic of Human Design and the G center. Miranda reflects on their experience of feeling ungrounded as a result of moving around a lot, and we explore the concept of Undefined G. We discuss the importance of choosing the right people, energy, and environment if you have an undefined G, and how one's open or undefined G can be influenced by the people they surround themselves with. We touch on repetition and deconditioning, and how understanding and honoring your identity is important. Our guest encourages listeners to look into their chart and identify if their center is undefined, open, or defined. Additionally, we explore the fear of not being loved for who we are and the importance of self-improvement for defined G individuals. Tune in to learn more about human design and the G center.


Show Notes:

[00:02:27] Continuing learning on evolving practice about voice.
Human design: Repetition, embodiment, and experimentation.
Undefined G can amplify other's identities.
Choose wise friends, prioritize undefined G energy.
Be yourself, don't fear others' acceptance.
Self-acceptance and deconditioning for loveability.
Choose positive people, prioritize your happiness.


Reflection Questions: 


1. What are some challenges of having an undefined G center in human design?
2. Do you believe our environment and the people we surround ourselves with affect our energy and direction in life? 
3. How can we consciously choose who to surround ourselves with, especially if we have an undefined G center? 
4. What are some signs that a room or environment does not feel good to you, especially if you have an undefined G center? 
5. How can we prioritize our own well-being in relationships and business, especially if we have an undefined G center? 
6. How might understanding and honoring our individual identity be crucial for those with a defined or undefined G center? 
7. How can human design help us better understand ourselves and make conscious choices in our lives? 
8. How might repetition be important for breaking old patterns and conditioning, especially for generator types? 
9. In what ways might self-acceptance be key to deconditioning the G center? 
10. What steps can we take to love ourselves more, especially in relation to human design and the G center?

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