Bullshit Beliefs: Finding Your True Identity Through Doing Things Differently With Miranda Mitchell

Jun 12, 2023
Ep 59 - Bullshit Beliefs: Finding Your True Identity Through Doing Things Differently With Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of The Provoking Prosperity, the host and guest discuss the power of voice and how to amplify its use. The guest shares their journey of self-discovery and healing through attending a singer-songwriter retreat and utilizing the principles of human design. The conversation explores the importance of releasing past beliefs and trauma in order to uncover one's true potential. Listeners are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences with holding back their voice and to imagine ways they can use it in new and empowering ways. The episode ends with a call for feedback and a reminder to embrace the love of one's body and voice for true authenticity and impact.


Show Notes:

[00:02:26] Empower your voice by releasing limitations and stepping into higher potential. Consider past experiences holding back expression and what could be gained from letting go and healing, including the possibility of exploring new forms of expression like singing.[00:04:23] Step into potential, grateful for others, push limits, sing on stage.


Reflection Questions:

1. How has your understanding of the difference between your inherent identity and variable aspects changed over time?
2. Have you ever attended an event that helped you realize your potential in a new way? If so, how did the experience impact you?
3. What is your relationship with your own voice like? Have past experiences or beliefs ever caused you to shut down your ability to express yourself?
4. What are your thoughts on human design and gene keys in relation to releasing beliefs and traumas?
5. Have you ever felt like there was something deeper at play in a certain experience you went through? How did you explore that feeling?
6. How do you view the importance of embodiment and loving your body in relation to making an impact in the world?
7. What have been some things that have helped you step into a higher potential of your voice?
8. Do you agree with not using "shoulds" and "I should have" in your self-reflection? Why or why not?
9. What is your opinion on the idea of having a choice to step into what you could have done?
10. How do you maintain the courage to use your voice in ways you never thought possible?


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