Breathing In Love And Authenticity: A Guided Meditation for Self Discovery With Miranda Mitchell

Apr 25, 2023
Ep 39 - Breathing In Love And Authenticity: A Guided Meditation for Self Discovery With Miranda Mitchell

On this episode of Miranda, we explore the theme of love, abundance, creativity, individuality, and authenticity. Host Miranda guides the listener through a breathing exercise and visualization to tap into these emotions and achieve a sense of fulfillment. We also hear about the host's personal journey towards collaboration and leadership, and their passion for using human design to empower individuals. Join us on this episode as we slow down, reflect and connect with our true selves.


Overview With Timestamp: 

[00:00:00] Podcast host talks about embodiment and using their platform to guide listeners towards collaboration and leadership based on their core wound in gene keys.

[00:01:35] Encourages collaboration, offers meditation, emphasizes slowing down and connecting with oneself.

[00:06:08] Breathing exercise that involves relaxing and expanding specific body parts from thighs to head.

[00:11:08] Visualize and fill a space with green, then connect with the feeling of love and authenticity for oneself or someone/something else.

[00:12:35] Breathe love, abundance, creativity, individuality, and authenticity. Fill the space until overflowing. Get into that feeling and notice what you're doing to achieve it.

[00:13:54] Find what makes you feel love and authentic, then fill your body with that feeling and ask what you can do to bring yourself closer.

[00:16:34] Take one small step to feel loved and authentic, and reflect every day. Notice how your life shifts with daily practice. Scan your body to notice physical reactions and address discomfort.

[00:22:09] Trust yourself, recognize experiences, and take action towards bold desires. A guide can only empower you.

[00:24:30] On Thursday, the text will discuss the conscious and unconscious aspects of teaching, emphasizing the importance of understanding the subconscious to step confidently into the conscious.

[00:25:36] The speaker's unconscious son is provocation, and it took a long time to embrace it. They want to see if others are willing to stretch and be uncomfortable. They used to avoid this to avoid conflict, but now they embrace it and feel more in their conscious son of wisdom.


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