Breaking the Silence: Healing Trauma and Finding Strength in Your Voice With Miranda Mitchell

Aug 01, 2023
Ep 81 - Breaking the Silence: Healing Trauma and Finding Strength in Your Voice With Miranda Mitchell

Welcome back to another episode of The Provoking Prosperity Podcast" where we delve into the depths of personal growth and empowerment. In today's episode, titled "Expressing Power Through Voice," your host, Miranda, takes us on a journey of trauma, self-discovery, and finding the strength to reclaim our voices. By sharing their own experiences and reflections, Miranda explores the powerful influence of past traumas, societal conditioning, and the impact they can have on our ability to express ourselves authentically. From the subtleties of human design and equine gestalt to astrology aspects, Miranda leaves no stone unturned in their quest for healing and self-empowerment. So, join us as we explore the transformative power of voice and the journey towards embracing our true selves. 

Show Notes:

00:01:37 Surviving domestic violence and unresolved childhood trauma.
00:04:02 Childhood belief silenced voice
00:08:58  Trauma release through physical shaking.
00:10:31 Creating a life around not being heard
00:14:58 Exploring methods like human design, subtleties of the gene keys, and equine gestalt

Reflection Questions for your personal awareness:

1. How do you define trauma, and do you agree with Miranda's assertion that everyone has experienced it to some degree?
2. Have you ever confronted a trigger or reflected on when a trauma first occurred? If so, how did it impact your healing journey?
3. Miranda mentions various methods for releasing emotional baggage, such as human design, gene keys, and equine gestalt. Have you tried any of these techniques, and if so, what were your experiences?
4. How do societal conditioning and expectations contribute to the loss of our true selves? Have you found ways to reconnect with your authentic identity?
5. Miranda discusses the physical manifestation of trauma through shaking. Have you ever experienced this response and, if so, how did it affect you?
6. How does Miranda's story of leaving a domestic violence situation relate to their journey of finding their voice? Do you think trauma can impact our ability to express ourselves?
7. Reflecting on Miranda'a experience of not being heard as a child, how has this influenced your own perception of being listened to and valued in your own life?
8. Miranda talks about patterns of not being heard and how it has shaped their entire life. Have you noticed any recurring patterns in your own life, and how do you think they influence your sense of personal growth and success?
9. How do you interpret Miranda's statement about not getting trapped in their past experiences? Do you believe it's possible to move forward and grow despite the weight of past traumas?
10. Miranda mentions their ongoing training in Equine Gestalt and the role of horses in trauma release. Have you ever utilized animals or nature in your own healing journey, and if so, what benefits did you experience?

I would love to hear anything that has come up for you during your reflections.

Life is Beautiful.



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