Boundaries, Inner Peace And Family Dynamics

Mar 02, 2023
Ep. 15 - Boundaries, Inner Peace And Family Dynamics

Have you ever noticed that when you are focusing on external drivers in life that your internal peace suffers. Most of society focuses on love, validation and looking successful externally rather than turning inward. Most of us have been taught to make things happen, figure things out in the mind and look for love. What if we have it all wrong? What if all we needed was learn to love, forgive, accept and acknowledge ourselves first - before everything and everyone else.

If you have Gate 37 defined in your chart you have a theme in your life that is around boundaries. More importantly these boundaries are closely associated with family, friend, business partners and others in general. This gate is about learning to witness and honor you own personal boundaries so that you are pulling yourself out of peace to put others as a priority.

At first this gate can be difficult to contemplate and integrate because we often feel like "I am being selfish" or "I am a bad person if I prioritize myself". These are all conditions that we have been told we should be if we were to have a "successful" marriage or be a "good" friend.


I go into the dynamics of this gate and an experience that I have been working through for most of my life. This added awareness of this gate in my Conscious Jupiter is a gamechanger for me.

Do you have this gate defined or undefined in your chart?

How does the energy resonate with you and your experiences?


Life is Beautiful.



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