Beyond the Invitation: How To Thrive as a Splenic Projector with Open Centers In Human Design

Aug 31, 2023
Ep 94 - Beyond the Invitation: How To Thrive as a Splenic Projector with Open Centers In Human Design

Welcome back to The Provoking Prosperity Podcast. Today we have the incredible Mariah Kimball joining us to delve into her human design chart. In our previous episode, Mariah shared her wisdom on the power of self-love, and today, we are diving deep into the fascinating world of her splenic projector design. Mariah reveals her need for rest, the importance of waiting for invitations, and how she navigates being an open and sensitive energy in a household filled with generators. We also explore how her willpower fuels her business endeavors and how she manages pressure with her undefined head and root centers. Get ready for an insightful and eye-opening conversation as we uncover the unique aspects of Mariah's human design chart on this episode.


Show Notes:

In this podcast episode with Mariah Kimball, the key points discussed are:

 - Mariah's Human Design Chart

 - Household Dynamics

 - Willpower and Strategy

 - Handling Pressure With Undefined Head and root

- Recognizing Authenticity

I love to support you in actionable steps with the podcast, here are a few thought provoking questions to get your started!

1.  Understanding Human Design
Start by familiarizing yourself and your team with the basics of Human Design. This will help you grasp the concepts, terminology, and underlying principles discussed in the podcast episode. Consider organizing a team meeting or workshop to introduce Human Design and its potential impact on individual and collective work dynamics.

2. Your Family Dynamics - Get you partners and children's chart to look at the differences.

3. Continuing Education and Support- Human Design is a vast and intricate system, so consider implementing ongoing education and support by getting a professional reading for yourself and your family.


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