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Gift a Human Design Introductory Session

The Introductory Session is the first, and the most important Human Design Reading someone will ever have, because this is when it all begins...

Learning about their Strategy and how to apply it in their daily life is the most crucial and foundational piece and sets the foundation for everything else that Human Design can reveal to them.

It’s like building a house. With a solid foundation, the stage is set for success. In all areas of their life.

Your gifted purchase of a human design reading includes:

🌟An introductory video where I walk the recipient through their chart and what the elements mean (shapes, colors and numbers)

🌟One 40 Minute 1:1 session with me that is dedicated to them and a deep understanding of their energetics.

🌟Narrative of their unique Energetics with specifics in what they are currently feeling or emerging into according to their life cycle in PDF format. This added piece gives them the option of learning even more about themselves after the Foundational Session so that the integration and practice of stepping into their personal energetics continues.

🌟Discovering their Type, Strategy and Authority.

🌟Learning what motivates them and what keeps them grounded so that they can step into their life and soul’s purpose.

🌟Learning how to communicate more powerfully. So they feel heard and seen.

🌟How to take optimal care of themselves in a way that they need.

🌟Recording of the session so that they can refer back at any time.

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What People Are Saying:

Prior to having my foundational reading with Miranda, I knew a little about Human Design, but not much. During my reading, so many light bulbs popped about how I am and WHO I am. Some things made so much sense as soon as I heard them, but they had never occurred to me before the reading. One of my biggest whoa moments was when Miranda said I needed to take care of myself and make sure I was safe and well before I could be of help to others. This has stayed with me and I notice immediately when I need to slow down now. It’s been a gift to allow self care and see it in as a necessity. I would highly recommend getting a reading done. It shifted my perspective and has made me pay more attention to areas in my life I ignored or put off for “later".

Ashley Daniels