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Unfiltered: "Discover Your Authentic Voice" Masterclass

Unfiltered: "Discover Your Authentic Voice" Masterclass

"Unfiltered" is a transformative masterclass designed to help you break free from the invisible chains of societal norms, cultural expectations, and past experiences that have shaped the way you present yourself to the world. In a world where conformity often dictates success, it's time to shed the masks and embrace your authentic voice and creative self-expression.

In this pre-recorded Masterclass you'll discover:

🌟"Unfiltered" will guide you through the process of deconditioning and unlearning the limitations imposed by the external drives of society. Embrace vulnerability, self-awareness, and self-acceptance to liberate your authentic voice and creative self-expression.

🌟Recognize where you are staying “safe” within your self expression of your body and voice.

🌟Become clear in your unique energy type and how to navigate in the world.

🌟Understand your unique communication style while identifying areas where conditioning may have influenced you.

🌟Gain insights into how the various centers in your Human Design impact your self-expression and creativity.

🌟Learn where you're open to external influences and how to ground into your self expression so that maintain your integrity of self.

🌟Discover the power of listening to your inner guidance (authority) and how it serves as a compass, leading you towards choices that resonate with YOUR authentic self and your mission.

🌟Understand the conscious and unconscious aspects of your Human Design profile and how they enhance your creative self-expression and leadership.

🌟Explore how astrology aspects within your Human Design chart complement and enhance your authentic voice and creative self-expression.

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